HONDA CB750 HORNET (2023-24)


Explore the bolder side of your motorcycle with the new range of Exan Exhaust silencers designed for the Honda CB750 Hornet. Designed to impart an irresistible sound combined with authentic streetfighter styling, these silencers are the perfect blend of aesthetics and performance.

Every detail of Exan Exhaust silencers is meticulously cared for, ensuring an uncompromising finish. The range includes the distinctive X-GP, X-One and the timeless X-Black oval, each available in carbon fiber, titanium and black stainless steel.

With a design that captures the essence of the streetfighter, these Exan Exhaust silencers not only offer a captivating sound but also give your Hornet a distinctive, racy look. Choose from a variety of material options to further customize your riding experience.

Thanks to Exan Exhaust, your new Hornet is ready to sting again on the road, standing out with its unique sound and uncompromising style.
Choose Made in Italy, choose Exan Exhaust.